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Skill Needs/Requirements:

1.   Minimum 5 years CAD or Soft Plan experience (Soft Plan is our current platform)
2.   General knowledge of residential and light commercial construction and building codes
3.   Ability to review truss engineering and other building engineering details as required
4.   Ability to establish rapport with customers
5.   Commitment to excellence
6.   Strong work ethic
7.   Excellent listening skills
8.   Professionalism
9.   Honesty and integrity
10. Self-sufficient
11. Excellent written and communication skills
12. Strong computer skills, including proficiency with the MS Office Suite and MS Project
13. Self-starter
14. Team player
15. Extremely organized and methodical
16. Ability to multi-task


1.   Meet with homeowners and Sales and Design Specialist to develop plans and design options for remodeling, custom homes and light commercial projects. Assist sales staff with preparing designs for potential jobs.
2.   Perform necessary drafting, as-built plans, and field verify existing conditions with RRCH plans checklist.
3.   Drafting of cabinet drawings and elevations.
4.   Ordering of cabinets, including related accessories and installation materials.
5.   Application and tracking of all permits for residential and commercial construction.
6.   Problem solving for construction-related details, streamlining of construction methods, new product applications, and general code compliance.
7.   Meet with Sales and Design Specialists, subcontractors, and engineers, as needed, to determine design requirements and pricing. Assist with pricing and placing special orders for long-lead time products as requested.
8.   Provide and maintain a network-accessible drafting schedule.
9.   Assist with answering phones and receiving deliveries during office hours.
10. Design and space planning for showroom and office, as needed.
11. Participate in any pre-construction meetings as needed.
12. Assist with problems arising during the course of construction that may require additional design or interpretation of specifications or plans.
13. Provide Sales Department with copies of final construction plans for contract signing and Production Department with copies of final construction plans for field staff.
14. Ensure that the contract specifications and construction plans provide the same information.
15. Maintain accurate and up-to-date Architectural Drafter procedure manual.
16. Other duties as assigned.